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Our Services

We will ultrasonically clean your injectors while being slowly pulsed open and closed. This way the outside, inside, pintal and seat are all exposed for proper cleaning. Your injectors are never exposed to harmful chemicals. No acids or caustic solutions are ever used.

We put your injectors on our test machine. The Following typical tests are performed, spray pattern, volume and drip tests. The difference here in our testing is we run these tests all the way through the operating RPM range of your engine at normal fuel pressure as well as plus and minus 20%. This insures we have accurately checked these operations at the same conditions as your fuel pump will supply as with some systems fuel pressure is varied with intake vacuum.

The next set of tests and evaluations are performed with a digital storage oscilloscope capable of high speed measurement, and Pass Fail testing of 18 parameters. The following tests as well as the previous are all run from a marine ECM or Engine Control Module. The same as the one controlling your engine, this most accurate testing you can get.

Tests include:
  • Voltage Waveform Evaluation
  • Amperage Waveform Evaluation
  • Coil Resistance
  • and the 18 additional tests shown on the bottom of the oscilloscope screen shot above.
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