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At Marine Fuel Injector Service we cater to engine repair dealers with our injector services, and telephone technical consultation service. With 30 years experience building and repairing marine engines and propulsion systems, our knowledge and service can be invaluable.
We Clean, Test and Evaluate all EFI Injectors, TBI, MPI, GDI, Automotive, Marine and Industrial.

Our Cleaning, Testing, and Evaluation Service is unparalleled.

Restore Performance, Fuel Economy, and Protect Intake Valve and Piston Life.

Our Injector Service is only $150. Per Engine. Near 25% of the cost of a carburetor rebuild, and injectors can foul with particles that if were 100 times larger would go right through a carburetor with no problem.

Put your mind at ease after a valve job or complete rebuild, knowing that your injectors will not cause a lean condition and/or a repeat failure.

Please call Chris at 949-279-7378 with any questions you have and how to mail in your injectors for service.

                   Our Test Bench

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