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The Fact is that no standard  gasoline fuel injector is rebuildable. They do not come apart with any tools. No parts are sold for them other than the external orings and filter screens that we replace during our service.

The Fact is that buying new injectors does not guarantee that they will operate properly. Who hasn’t bought something new that did not work correctly?

The Fact is that testing the injectors while driving them with anything other than the ECM their designed to operate with is not only an inaccurate test, but can do harm to the injectors.

Modern Electronic Fuel Injectors are operated on either a “saturation” mode or a “peak and hold” mode. A peak and hold system uses, for example, 4 amps to open an injector or bank of injectors and 1 amp to hold them open for the commanded duration. By using an actual ECM our approach insures our tests are complete, accurate and your injectors are safe. Using any other apparatus than the ECM can damage the injector.
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